Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

A giant robot would be an astronomical cost to build, maintain and transport to fight the giant monsters. Then the need to repair the city after each battle would really be impossible to sustain. Luckily there is no need to build a mech for any reason defense, land development or law enforcement. In the case of Dai-Guard it was built to act as a deterrent against the incoming Heterodynes threat while also deterring the use of a weapon. The implications of the usage of that said weapon can destroy a Heterodynes but make the surrounding land uninhabitable. So there is a minor message of not using nuclear warheads, or to minimize collateral damage in Kaiju movies. While the pilots are three low level office workers of the defense company in Japan working on an office salary.

Dai-Guard has become a defense company mascot due to the heterodyne going dormant, so there was no need for their protector. Then the heterodynes suddenly reappear again twelve years later in a crowded area just so happen Dai-Guard is already at the location. There are only two ways to stop a heterodyne: either use the outdated Dai-Guard or the O-E bomb which will make the location it detonated will make the area uninhabited. Giants Robots anime usually fights in mecha wars that both conflicting sides can mass produce the mechas. Or to fight kaijus that are attacking the main protagonist’s home, either sent by the big bad or a part of the natural order of the world the story is taking place in. While it needs three special pilots that know how the mecha function and brings out its full potential. Even their office coworker helps with maintaining Dai-Guard and keeps him running so that Japan is safe from the Heterodyne.

I’m not a huge fan of anime centered around mechs. The setting is a galaxy wide war opposing forces both have countless mecha to advance the war in their favor. The mechs might be able to transform into a vehicle which probably is easier to drive; then a giant robotic version of the human body. In the case of Dai-Guard it takes three people to run effectively; the three pilots Shunsuke Akagi the hothead determined leader who wants to protect others while also piloting Dai-Guard. Ibuki Momoi is the only female pilot with a chip on her shoulder. About what kind of man her scientist father really was and what she thought he was. Keiichiro Aoyama the handsome ladies man of office who seems to have no worries in his life but really is caring for his ailing mother. Along with their other coworkers that also help with maintaining Dai-Guard while adding some comedy and humanity to the show. There is no extenstal crisis that comes at the end with the final just a return to a new normal.

If it was Gundom, or Robotech franchises the protagonist has the stress of protecting their friends from danger. If they make any mistakes, those people’s lives are lost or tipping the scales of war in their favor or not. The protagonists are forced to their emotions buried inside because of their situations. No one to open up to or they are unable to due they have to keep it a secret at all cost. The Heterodynes have interesting designs as they make their bodies from the surrounding elements. Dai-Guard is 26 episodes long either in sub or dub. Give it a watch if you’re interested in an anime about mecha and kaiju without drama. In a somewhat realistic setting the hassle of having a giant robot.   

Image was taken from toonami wiki. Currently Dai-Guard can be streamed on VRV