Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

The fear of the outside that we cannot understand or if our government is keeping secrets about alien life. Could it be for our own good or it’s harming us, third option we are not prepared for the real answer. Conspiracy theories are like urban legend that everyone contributes to change it completely, only a minor truth but it is false. If there is life outside our boundary absolutely, will we ever meet an extraterrestrial. Probably if our technology advances, it allows for far distance space travel. If the extraterrestrials do arrive, will they be peaceful and bring new technologies to improve our lives. Or they have landed on Earth just by coincidence they found us. In Roswell Conspiracies: Aliens, Myths & Legends it follows a trench coat wearing bounty hunter Nick Logan with the “sight” an ability to see the aliens cloak among us. As many of the evil aliens can shapeshift into a human form. Along the way Nick Logan joins the secret government group called the Global Alliance who is in charge of keeping the public from knowing the existence of the aliens. The Global Alliance has a large cast of characters that have been in the group for a long time. While this newcomer Logan is changing to bring in aliens into their origination each character has to reevaluate the protocol.

The writers of Roswell Conspiracies: Aliens, Myths & Legends add more instead just mindless drones and alter the mythology of aliens they are drawn from. Not every alien is evil, there are some justifications on why they have come to Earth. Though the ones that can take human disguise are the usual are hatching plans to take over the world. Many aliens have their own reasons for being on Earth wanting to start a new life. An example why they left their planets could no longer sustain life leading them to leave. Or if another space traveling forced them to leave (Werewolves) enslaved both (yetis and sasquatches) to be slave labor. Or the (Vampire/Snake) that uses advanced technology along with their powers as sunlights hurts them. The Banshees have an aversion to technology and are linked to nature. Sh’lainn Blaze the more human appearance Banshee, who joins with Nick Logan being the first alien to join the secret Global Alliance.

There are countless aliens that are drawn from mythology but tweaked enough to be their own thing. Due to the show being centered around aliens as conspiracies the aliens had a hand building ancient civilizations. They helped build the pyramids or left behind ancient weapons that caused the destruction of Atlantis. Or that they are already here and controlling humanity through human underlings.
Roswell conspiracies play up the classical alien movies and pop-culture. The Day Earth Stood Still and a Superman theme episode. I think there is a Kolchak: The Night Stalker but with a reporter wearing a porkpie hat. Due to the nature of the show there is the uneasiness of who can you trust? Are you doing the right thing keeping this secret or revealing it but suffering the consequences?

This show does remind me a little of the Men in Black animated series and Ben 10 series. Both series center around aliens but they lack a xenophoic but the likely not every episode is an invasion and people get killed. The whole species is not united to conquer the Earth but there are a few are trying to. But the few that interact with the heroes begin to change their ideology and look for another way. It is only when a new member Nick Logan brings in aliens into the Global Alliance to stop a greater threat that threatens to destroy them all. Give Roswell Conspiracies : Aliens, Myths & Legends watch it, a series with dark undertone conspiracies, interesting alien designs in 40 episodes.

The series can be streamed on https://tubitv.com/series/300005412/roswell-conspiracies-aliens-myths-and-legends?start=true