Rating: 4 out of 5.

I have seen more point-n-click games in pixel graphics art giving the game a retro look while having keyboard movement. Developed by Painted Black Games and published by Merge Games, The Long Reach begins late at night with a young man sent on an errand by his future fiancé. To get groceries at the local convenience store after reading the note she left him. Depending on your choice of dialogue, you could regularly make small talk or be a bit of a jerk. Dialogue in the game allows you to get more information about the characters. The Long Reach is not a choice matter game that will affect the outcome. After getting your Jellies a stiff stranger attacks the owner and you have to make a call. When you go back to check on the situation, see the massacre and get taken out before you can reach the door.

Anyway, after the title card we are inside an underground base that is performing an experiment. There are two scientists who are discussing their secret Santa for the Christmas party. When (Stewart) another scientist comes in and finds one of his coworker Stan drinking from his blue cup. An argument about once again his blue mug is pilfered. Stewart has to go into the testing room and complete an experiment. Then Stewart blackouts and awakens everyone is gone. The rooms have been ransacked and your coworkers are acting strange. As you advance you have to sneak, hide and outmaneuver rabid coworkers. All the while question if you can trust your coworker is guiding you. Or the secret government experiment has effect Stewart and it going to get worse.

That my blue cup.

As you navigate between the underground base level. Scavenging for items to open doors to gather items to advance. While hiding, outmaneuver, uncover the base’s secrets. Find the key cards also converse with your deranged coworker. Worst of all you can’t return your secret Santa gift.

Baervox NH

Even as you get out but the experiment it effects linger. Did it spread outside? Others have been infected or your at the end of the rope. It is a race to get out then to get back in to end it.

Everything is fine. Just a little Christmas parting that got out of hand.

It’s pixel art style helps keeps it being too gory. Is each person’s psychosis’s reactions ranges from violently acts, illusions, playing out some games they only know the rules. Is someone wearing flayed skin to cosplay. Another scientist has self-mutilation into a pseudo-Cenobite. Or if your lucky just rummage through your coworkers bloody pockets. The isolation and claustrophobia and to feel of fear that you could be facing another psycho without any way to defend yourself.

Overall give The Long Reach a try it. It not overly long game possible 8-10 hours or less. You could get most achievements in a single play through. Its a thriller with some Christmas sprinkles in but not front in center.

For more information about the game go to https://thelongreachgame.com. All images were taken from Steam.