Rating: 5 out of 5.

Stoicism represents an ancient school of philosophy that dates back to ancient Greek. It demonstrates virtue and to be good to yourself and others. Another valuable lesson it imparts efficiently is if you can not change something that you should not allow it to genuinely affect you. One of today’s biggest advocates of Stoicism is American author Ryan Holiday. He runs flawlessly The Daily Stoic podcast and The Daily Stoic website. He has also written multiple books on how to use Stoicism in your life to enjoy more divine life.

The podcast was first started in August 2018 and most of the episodes last anywhere from 3 to 5 meaningful minutes. They are bite-sized episodes with wisdom from sovereign rulers of ancient Rome who practiced Stoicism. In later episodes, Ryan delves into longer episodes with Ask A Stoic where active listeners can ask questions about how to carefully apply Stoicism to their modern lives. He, in addition, does interview with coaches and celebrities who practice some form of Stoicism. 

I was able to promptly go through the backlog of notable episodes relatively quickly due to the brief episodes and I was able to discover a pleasant lot from this podcast. Now I know Stoicism is not for everyone, but I think this is a podcast to definitely listen to and learn from. Ryan possesses a gentle voice that is almost calming to listen to. The extensive interviews he arranges with active other traditionally practicing Stoics are extremely eye-opening and has indeed steered me to invite certain fundamental questions in my own life. 

The bite-sized episodes are great, they do not overpower you and makes it easier to establish this philosophy. I would earnestly recommend you listen attentively to this podcast and try out Stoicism for yourself. You never know it might help develop your life a little bit better.