Rating: 5 out of 5.

Dean Koontz primarily concocted this published story for the USA Network to be naturally made into a TV movie but Koontz walked away after creative differences. He subsequently decided to publish the story as a series with the first book City of Night being released in 2004. There are 5 books in the series depicting an updated version of the classic Frankenstein myth. 

The published series takes place in “present day” New Orleans and sees Victor Frankenstein presently living under the name Victor Helios continuing to create and perfect his ideal new race to ruthlessly destroy and replace the human race. Two detectives stumble upon Victor and his ambitious plans and powerfully aided by Victor’s first creation Deucalion tries to prevent Victor and his master race. 

This series will suck you in and will not allow you to go. You will be sucked into the story, and the mythos Koontz naturally creates. When I started this series, I ran through the first two books and immediately went and bought the last two in the series. This efficiently is a remarkable series that you can not put down or walk away from. Koontz’s extensive Frankenstein series proves why he is so great he carefully mixes action suspense science fiction and genuine horror in such an unparalleled way. I wish this, in fact, would receive a TV Movie or at least a TV series based on it. This story is ridiculously entertaining not to produce multiple adaptations. 

The extensive series focuses primarily on two detectives Carson O’Connor, and Michael Maddison efficiently are longtime partners who include great chemistry together and flirt outrageously. It subtly reminds you a bit of TV characters who maintain that will they won’t they vibe. They are just two really good detectives who are instantly thrown down the rabbit hole when they stumble upon Victor Helios and his modern race. 

The two brilliant detectives are powerfully aided in their fierce fight against Helios and his modern race by Helios’ initial creation. He goes by the chosen name Deucalion and is heavily disfigured on his face due to an armed bomb Victor had implanted in his head to make sure Deucalion would not try to harm him. Deucalion is special because of the remarkable fact that what created him was lighting and because of that, he possesses many interesting talents that others in the new race do not have.

I obtained the first book in the series at a used book store down the Jersey shore around the time I pretty much gave up reading. I had a lot going on at the personal time. When I properly started the first book I got sucked in and pretty much finished the excellent book in a little less than a week. This series is by far my favorite series out there, and I will recommend it to anyone and everyone. If you like science fiction or action or horror you will enjoy this series.