Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Psychonauts 2 a lot of retreading to find collectables, while uncovering the past of Psychonauts foundation.Most of the powers of the first game along with a few new ones. Full of references to past double fine games along with voice actors from several Double Fine games. In Psychonauts the plot is about a young 14 year old boy Razputin Aquato and is from a family of circus performers. Raz was born with psychic powers along with a family curse that any large body of water will reach out and drown them. Raz ran away from home as psychics were the ones that cursed his family with the water curse. When arrives at Whisper Rock Psychic Summer Camp where children with psychic abilities are cultivated and guided by the Psychonauts camp counselors within the safety of the camp. Raz’s natural psychic along with his acrobatic abilities removes the disbelief of how he is able to breeze through his lessons. Add the ticking clock element to get the merit badges and become a psychonaut before his dad picks him up. Soon he discovers the plot of debraining the other campers to use in a diabolical plot.The players are new to this world but Raz is a fanboy of the Psychonauts. He owns and memorizes the psychic tales issues comic books that recount an alter retelling of psychonauts adventures. This endears Raz to the player and draws more into the world of Psychonauts. Even when campers are going missing and Raz reveals the main culprit to the counselors, they don’t believe it and are captured as a result of it. Raz defeats the mastermind and helps them overcome their personal demons as he did with the abandoned insane asylum patients. Then Raz and counselors Sasha Nein, Milla Vodello, Coach Oleander along with Lil Zanotto take off to rescue Truman Zanotto, the leader of the Psychonauts.

After completing the first game is the VR exclusive Psychonauts Rhombus of Ruin. Rhombus of Ruin brings out the best of Playstation VR through its gameplay that contradicts greatly from the previous one. In Psychonauts you jump around exploring the camp using your psychic powers to revisit closed off areas. But to save Truman Zanotto they have to find him lucky. Raz knows clairvoyance and has a precious family heirloom on the jet. While in Rhombus of Ruin you are close off trapped in an underwater base under the ocean separated from your fiends. Only your psychic powers to free you and your comrades while also under the effect of a psycho agent. The intro credit song gives the Rhombus of Ruin a spy thriller as Raz’s first official mission and the unknown dangers. Rhombus of Ruin control to move his consciousness into any nearby aquatic life.   

Psychonauts 2 starts with Raz in a cubicle typing on a computer in a suit. Is this the Psychonauts that Raz has read about from true psychic tales, his expectations crumb to reality. Shortly it becomes apparent that they are in the mind of the Mad dentist Loboto. To uncover a mole in the very Psychonaut Organization also the foreboding return of Maguila the Deluge of Grovia. It is up to Raz to find the Mole and stop Maguila by reuniting the original Psychonauts founders. Psychonauts 2 digs deeper into various characters’ past and flesh out them instead of just footnotes. The character designs give every character a unique look. While the background agents visual resemble the muppets to me. Various colored skin, the large circular eyes along with a smooth bump of a nose. Raz meets other interns in the intern program, I feel that they could have interacted more with Raz. But could be me miss remember the campers where more involve. Or that was a isolated campground instead of a secret agent base with agents gossiping, cleaning the headquarter. Psychonauts 2 open more theoretical questions about using your psychic powers to change people. The dangerous implication of alter a person mind, in the fist game there where that need Raz help. In Psychonauts 2 Raz alter a person mind it has disastrous consequences. Because Psychonauts Organization exist, they have operations to find young psychics and develop their talents in controlled setting. It could be that we see Raz Astral Projection into a person mind. Which is one of a interest aspect to see what world mind of this character if their obsession controls their mind. Each mind is different that you have to navigate through also collect figments ,baggages and tags. All to level up your powers that will need to retread old paths. Also what is consider pseudoscience with in this world where psychics are real, people brains can be remove with a special sneezing powder. Ever Double fine game has it own identity, a masterpiece waiting to be played, never rushed to get out before it ready.

As of November 4, 2021 Doublefine released a free patch update, after completing the main story which unlocked a camera filter to find the hard to collectables. Images of Psychonauts, Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin, Psychonauts 2 were taken from Steam.