Rating: 4 out of 5.

Primeval is what do you get when you mix time travel with Impossible Pictures the company and the creator of Walking with series Tim Haines along with Adrian Hodges? The series used both puppetry and high quality CGI animation to bring the animals from different eons throughout Earth history to modern day. Primeval takes the time travel element and takes out the human history from the center focus. As to say that time travel are portals to before humans even evolve and dangerous implication the portals can cause. The portals are called Anomalies; they are doorways to the past or the far future. The anomalies look like broken glass floating and rotating around a bright light. While there is a large cast of characters, but the rotation at the end and beginning each season helps keep the viewer might from thinking it is becoming unwieldy. The seasons are short and have irregular number of episodes.

While Sci-Fi that is center around time travel the method of time travel is due to gadgets. In Primeval there no way control only can predict Anomalies will appear but where they lead anyone guess. The Anomalies are portals that allow passage through time, which could billions in the past or unspecified leap into the future. Not to mention anything could walkthrough causing havoc in the present. That something could be a Gorgonopsid or a Fungi from a future that spreads so rapidly. Time travel is usually shown that it can either be too dangerous to alter or it can control it to benefit themselves. Nick Cutter is a scientist that knows the most about the Anomalies and repeats time and time again that any mistake or alteration in their history or evolution. While his wife Helen Cutter who travelled through many Anomalies seeing the Earth change from and what it could become. Then are Conner the student who will be the expert and Abby the zoologist who puts the animals at ease back to their homes. Both Conner and Abby in a way inherit Nick Cutter ideals but follow their own path. To minimize the damage the Anomalies can unleash on the world and the timeline, while also returning the animals home.

Each episode at its core is identical to finding the creature and returning it to its timeline. While it could be seen as repetitive this formula does allow creativity in how the team they deal with the various animals from different eras throughout England. While trying to keep the Anomalies a secret from the public, but where the anomalies pop up could be anywhere. As it could be in an office building filled with highly sulfur gas and inside that gas is something that belongs on skull island. While each season ends and a new one begins, it feels like a time skip. As start with a group of scientists, then an undercover government program. Could this be due to one incident that altered their timeline or just a natural progression of their mission?

The characters are memorable and you miss them when they are gone. While it comes as a welcome surprise if and when they return. In usual Sci Fi media time travel is depicted as a do over while in Primeval time travel is not an undo button that you use to fix your problems. If you get stuck in Cambrian, Permian, Jurassic, or a Post-apocalyptic future. It is a two-way trip if not you better be prepared for the trip you will be stuck there. At least until another Anomalies opens and somewhere else and gets lucky. I recommend series to start to learn more about animals from long ago eras, also the creative of possible future ones. Each cast member has their own quirks, flip phones and personalities that they standout without falling into a  trope. The season builds from the previous one but builds from it expanding the group, and the danger they face.

Primeval series can be streamed on Pluto TV and Amazon Prime also on tubitv