Rating: 3 out of 5.

When you are adapting a book series into another medium such as, film, tv series or a video game this laborious task. No matter how much money or graphics you put into your version it will not please everyone. It’s like a juggling act keeping the spirit of what you’re adapting, to keep the old fans happy but to also draw in new fans. In the case of Ken Follet it’s a mixture of following the story but allows minor changes different by the book. A piece of dialogue could keep someone alive or unveil a hidden secret. Every item you pickup has an entry filled with information about the period of the characters inhabited. It’s gameplay reminds me of a Telltale Games The choices are made through dialogue and quick time events. Except it is 2D and is hand drawn, and made by Daedalic Entertainment creators of the Deponia series and many other games.

I would say this game is an example of the skills and efforts that Daedalic Entertainment put into every game they make. Ken Follett’s The Pillars of Earth game is informative and details about the 12 century time period filled with political strife, famine, and uncertainty of it will get better. I knew about the sinking of the White Ship due to an episode from WTF 101 but that is all. In the game the cast of characters are diverse and you care about them, and start to worry about the consequences of your gameplay. The player controls a small cast of characters that is helpful not be tied down to just one character. As Jack the red haired boy with a mysterious past. Philp the humble monk who could make a simple act causes a domino effect on everyone. Aliena is a noblewoman that has lost everything but built herself back up. One of the minor characters is called the Canter who  is voiced by Ken Follett. I like the use of time skips that show the characters have aged and depict it..

The quick time events are easy to execute using the mouse to click at the right time. If you have read the book series or watched the tv series you can keep it as close to canon or into a bit of your fanfiction. As preventing some characters’ death, causing them, or gathering more information about the part of history these characters live in. The historical setting enhances the story’s drama and emotions of the characters and brings to light a time of history we don’t think about due to we are very removed from it. But the sinking of the White Ship did affect the people leaving through due to it being an accident or a diabolical plot. Those who want to rule either legitimately or because they want power no matter what the death and harm the civil wars could bring. Also I like there are no crazy puzzles in the game that would slow or everything you pick up use to advance the story.

The few negativThe few negatives I have with this game is the price it has, buy when it is on sale. You can’t skip scenes or choose where to start if you miss an achievement. This version of Ken Follett’s The Pillars of the Earth did interest me to look at the differences between this and the other version. The drama and intensity could lessen if you replay it the same way. But overall I recommend Ken Follett’s The Pillars of Earth Game by Daedalic Entertainment for its beautiful 2D design, the history and details that informs the player but it does not feel forced. The controls are easy to control and after the first quick time event it is easy to pick up. The storytelling and the voice actors make you feel and care about them, and choices that affect their lives.

Ken Follett’s The Pillars of the Earth is available on Steam, GOG, Playstation, Xbox

More information https://ken-follett.com