Rating: 3 out of 5.

What can you say about an anime about fighting monsters made of food with a catchy theme song? One of many anime dubbed by 4Kids era. The dub was more about getting kids to get kids excited, even if it was not 100% accurate to the Original Japanese. As one of many anime that tried to copy the formula of Pokémon’s success. But it differs slightly in that it requires the skill of the chief and the ingredients. Along with a magical card called a Meal Ticket to bring the Foodons to life. The setting is a confusing hybrid world with cartoony mystical Meal ticket cards and advanced technology, the MAC Cart, a vehicle that can transform into any vehicle the heroes need in the moment. The plot is about Chase a young in training chief along with his friends and their Foodons, mission overthrow King Gorge and his Glutton army. It is a quick watch of 26 episodes.

As one of the many pocket monster clones that flood Saturday morning in early 2000s. Fighting Foodons usually repeat their names like Pokemon. Both shows share voice actors as main hero Chase voiced by Tara Jayne Sand the voice actress of Ash Ketchum. While some humanoids and some cartoony designs could talk and people understand them like Digimon. One of Chase’s Foodon is hive mind like Burnt Meatballs which there are seven of them. The Burnt Meatballs are voiced by voice actor Eric Stuart of Yugioh’s Seto Kaiba along with many other characters.

Burnt Meatballs

One drawback there is a lot of food puns. Also some Foodons can disappear or added and is no explanation how or why this happens. Pro is a short anime that you can watch at your own pace and it does not have heavy lore. It is more of the quality of the skill of the chief and not some magical technique or of magical McGuffin. While Fighting Foodons does not have a cultural impact even its merchandise is scarce. the concept is bountiful. The concept of a living food monster is an interesting concept to me. As they can be played for comedy promote a new limited time offer breakfast Wendy on Rick and Morty commercials. Or very dark comedy went the food attacks humans. It down many times in magical centered animation if the dish recipes is not done correct then it will try and consume the chief.


Nowadays everything is a franchise no matter what the quality is, just keeps pumping it out. I like to enjoy my entertainment at a relaxed pace to notice all its hidden Easter eggs. Or get lost in the story, or enjoy the visual style of the scenery. I might recognize one of the voices of the one voice actor and want to look up later where I remember them. Instead of a rush it was shoved down my throat and it became slop. As the anime quality gradually declines due to many forces outside the creator’s hands. The art style could not do the manga justice or Manga Artist is so stressed out that it affects their health. Or constant fillers that I don’t care about what happened just end it. Sometimes we just need something of quality not of quantity and Fighting Foodons is just an odd one-shot anime to veggie out one and not over think it. If you’re a creative person who likes to create your own OC for your favorite show, pick your favorite meal into Foodon.  

Fighting Foodons can be stream on TubiTV.

Images where taken from Fighting Foodons wiki.